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Posted : 11/26

These sell out every cycle ! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to add new colors or this pattern but if you order now you should expect to receive your cushion by 02 January.

to keep costs as low as possible : please note the following  

in the past I have packaged with my own branding and sent from USA, but this adds significant cost  I can also send all over the world using this business model  

In order to get your product out , the manufacturer will be sending this product directly to you rather than sending to me first for repackaging. This product is a pattern that requires a license to produce and I am the only us based retailer this vendor works with exclusively. Please be aware there are copycats everywhere but I guarantee the quality of my trusted vendor and product. 

I cannot control any kind of rail strike, work stroke , overseas delays so if any of that happens during the holidays ,  please know that I cannot control or help the issue. Once this order is made I cannot refund or redirect it without incurring personal fees. Thank you for understanding 


I do have a new prototype it has some added back support and is only available in 3 pastel colors. I am still in product development and it’s a long process to get an entire factory on board and get around minimum orders but for now , 3 new upgraded options are available for pre order. 

these are the first of their kind , so let me know what you think.