Custom die-struck lapel pins


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The process 
This description is a ballpark. The pins start around $3.80 (super tiniest basic ones) but the average pin (about 1.25 inches with gold silver or rose gold metal )  cost is about $4.59 to $5.00 depending on size , color snd metal choices  


These are custom hard or soft enamel with metal lapel pins with your logo and up to 3 colors. These are mocked up in house and the mold is struck offsite by our jeweler.  

Glitter and extra colors are available for upgrade 

Once I receive the pins I will arrange them and pack so that they arrive to you individually packaged for resale. 

From start to finish , your design process should take about 5 weeks. It can be expedited but my jeweler will take a fee. 

Week 1.

Design is communicated, artwork is in vector format 

Size , colors and metal choices are decided 

Production proof is drawn up and sent to client then jeweler to assess needs vs viability 

Quote with proof is sent 

Payment is made to Glowbug’s Grotto , who will send mold fee to jeweler 

Weeks 2-4 

Order fits into jewelers production schedule

Week 4 ships back to Glowbug 

Week 4/5 Glowbugs Grotto unpacks the mass order , polishes each pin , adds closures and presents  each one individually in a retail-ready package (recycled polymer sleeves are utilized when available )

Final Order is sent to Client 

 See a few of my exclusive designs below in the gallery 


when you pay for this in your cart , this means we have already discussed all of this and you are ready to order. Please do not pay until we have already gone through the process.