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The Kodak international balloon fiesta is the largest , oldest and most reknown hot air balloon launch event  of its kind. 

Hot air balloons are part of the backdrop of New Mexico , whether it is festival time or not it is not uncommon to look out your patio and see a few balloons in the distance. 

When I was a little girl my dad worked at a power plant right across from the balloon fiesta park. We used to avoid all the crowds (it was insanely packed ) and climb up up up to the tippy top of the structure and watch the balloons privately from the roof. It was so amazing. These balloons are of my own design but they remind me of the early New Mexico mornings eating breakfast burritos and watching the sky turn colorful one giant balloon at a time. I can still hear the sound of the hot air being deployed too. Happiness. 

These are made to order on premium patterned acrylic and take quite a bit of time on the laser , following that they are hand painted and Swarovski brand jewels and adornments are attached  , premium hardware and findings and then they are sealed with clear uv resin and need to cure.  

Production time needs to be a little longer due to my bookings getting very full and these require a long, focused attention at every sweet little step. 

The pictured sets are my personal collection and any orders will be made fresh. Colors can be changed.  I hope to show you more of these as I dream them up.